Think Positive!

Not everyone in this world is a bad guy. Some are bad some are good. As a people, do think positive of other people. Its not so bad. For example when your friend does not come to class, do not say "Maybe he go hang out with his friend at the Mall". Remember, if that was not true, you will be accused for fitnah and in Islam, the sin is like killing people. Otherwise, think positively like "Maybe he is sick and can't go to class". Even it is not true, but you are away from sin.

As usual, i got a cool video of cctv camera around the world that capture a good things too. Enjoy and Assalamualaikum!

Sorry for my bad English. 

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Dua tiga batman datang, mana nak sama dengan tony stark.
Pantun ni aku taktau nak habis camana, hang komen je lah.