People, develop hate, when they meet the end of the road. About works, relationships, goal, anything else. Something that i can't accept that.

Let say about goal. You wish to do something, and you want to earn it, reach it. But when it meet the end of the goal, when you didn't succeed, you develop the feeling of hatred. You hate everyone in your way. You hate yourself. You hate your goal. You give up. You don't wanted to do it anymore.

I just kind of wonder, why this would happen?

The hate that you make is not the end of way to stop what you're trying to do. It is just an image or such a cover for you to calm down, but in fact it is not. Your deep heart is cutting away and one another day come you will feel the regret.

Why won't you try harder and harder even harder?

Why won't you stop thinking about 'what if' and stop stressing yourself out. Just continue what you're doing. Deadline is not the end. Breaking is not the end. You must continue yourself! You can do it. Because when people trip over, they stand up after. So, why don't when you think you're down, just 'restart' yourself and don't develop something hate about yourself just because you can't do it.

Maybe you can't understand what i am trying to say, but this last words

"Don't give up and hate the world because of some tiny things"

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