How long will it last?

How long a friendship can last? A true friendship will last forever. Yes! Do respect and appreciate your pal's because one day, you and him/her will be separated. But, that doesn't mean your friendship is done. InsyaAllah, until Jannah you will find him/her.

So, today im derping in my computer 'cause I dont know what to do. Then I found lots of picture of me and my friend when we're at form two. That was at year 2010. Ahhh, this pictures give me lots of memories. Even for just two years of frienship, still i have memories with them. And I have make a video to remember them. Here it is, enjoy!

OH MY ENGLISH! hahah, i must learn more.

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Pantun ni aku taktau nak habis camana, hang komen je lah.